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Nature play in childhood is incredibly beneficial. The National Library of Medicine cites a report finding that play activity meets children’s need to get to know the world around them and be able to contribute to it. So, what better way to invigorate your child and introduce them to the world around them than in a nature-based play environment? 

Jammin Playgrounds, a Florida expert in play spaces, can create a unique and enchanting nature-based playground for your school, park, or backyard. Our expert team designs eco-friendly, innovative outdoor play areas that stimulate imagination and child development. Read on to discover more about nature-inspired playgrounds and how your child can benefit. 

Creating Natural Play Environments: The Purpose 

Nature-integrated playgrounds strike an ideal balance of play and learning, combining natural elements with fun structures. To distract your child away from technology and out into the natural world is crucial for children to develop a deeper understanding of our environment. Nature-based playgrounds incorporate education with physical play and nurture curiosity. 

Types of Nature-Based Playgrounds 

Forest Adventure Playgrounds 

Children enjoy unstructured frolicking among trees, logs, and rocks in a forest adventure playground, developing motor skills and problem-solving. 

Water Scape Playgrounds 

Interactive water features like fountains, splash pads, and streams beckon children toward sensory exploration. 

Musical Nature Playgrounds 

Whimsical chimes, xylophones, and drums inspire teamwork through rhythmic experimentation. 

Barefoot Sensory Pathways 

Walking barefoot over sand, mulch, and pebbles provides a safe, tactile experience that enhances sensory awareness. 

Biophilic Play Spaces 

Plants, gardens, and green walls connect children with living organisms, fostering biophilic connections. This hands-on interaction with nature is much beloved by participants. 

Outdoor Natural Play Equipment 

Jammin Playgrounds partners the natural atmosphere with our superior equipment to create rope bridges, climbing walls of recycled materials, tree stumps, and water features.  

Benefits of Nature-Based Playgrounds for Child Development 

  • Elevated Creativity 
  • Improved Physical Development 
  • Emotional Well-Being 
  • Social Skills Development 
  • Cognitive Growth  


To encourage connections with the environment and enhance children’s overall development, nature-based playgrounds are ideal. Incorporating stimulating natural elements into playground settings paves the way for a generation of eco-conscious, creative thinkers who cherish the planet. 

Let Us Create Your New Nature-Based Playground 

Jammin Playgrounds designs and builds one-of-a-kind spaces for kids to unleash their inner explorers and connect with nature. By fusing fun and creativity with an eco-friendly approach, Jammin Playgrounds crafts unique outdoor spaces that reawaken your child’s sense of adventure. They’ll laugh with delight as they climb boulders, leap over logs, or splash in colorful water features.   

Little ones will be enchanted as they explore all the natural playground equipment options, each cleverly designed to challenge minds and build physical strength. Our team uses sustainable raw materials combined with robust equipment to make play spaces that kids and parents feel good about visiting. 

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So why not step outside the box of structured playtime and venture into nature? Contact our friendly team today and learn how nature-based playgrounds encourage freedom, imagination, and an undying love for the world we live in.