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Sensory play is a hands-on activity that stimulates a child’s senses and encourages them to explore their surroundings. Forbes Magazine recently quoted child testing researcher Dr. Krystal Starke, who said, “Sensory play is adaptable and accommodating, making it beneficial for sensory-sensitive or sensory-seeking children.” Sensory play makes playtime beneficial and inclusive for everyone, no matter their stage of development. 

The industry experts at Jammin’ Playgrounds know the significance of sensory play in children’s happiness and well-being. Our years of experience designing innovative outdoor play areas have given us firsthand knowledge of how sensory play positively impacts young minds and brings children of varying abilities together. 

What Is Sensory Play? 

Sensory play engages all the senses, promoting exploration and discovery. Sensory stimuli create a rich environment filled with auditory, tactile, and visual delights. Sensory playground equipment is ideal for all child development, including children on the autism spectrum.  

Therapeutic playground elements like play panels and tactile pathways cater to children of all abilities. Outdoor sensory play for preschools benefits children and those interacting with them. 

Why Is Sensory Play Important? 

Core sensory development is crucial for young children. It directly affects their interpersonal skills and how they comprehend the world around them. Sensory play provides stimuli in a safe, fun way, encouraging them to continue engaging and exploring on their own. Inclusive sensory play structures also foster better social interaction in autistic children, as the experience calms and comforts them. 

How Sensory Play Spaces Encourage Exploration and Discovery 

The cornucopia of textures, sounds, and sights in a sensory playground encourages young minds, ignites imaginations, and provides safe, groundbreaking experiences. Some examples are running their hands across a tactile wall or colorful installation, holding their hands under a fountain spray, enjoying complex visual patterns on structures, or the soothing sensation of air on the swings.  

The Benefits of Sensory Play 

Stimulates the Senses 

Curiosity is engaged as children engage with different textures, shapes, and sounds. 

Boosts Creativity 

Children are challenged to think creatively and solve problems while exploring the installation. 

Soothes and Calms 

For children with sensory-processing difficulties or those on the autism spectrum, it offers calming stimulation. 

Enhances Fine Motor Skills 

Play sculptures and tactile pathways are exceptional therapy aids for fine motor skill development. 

Encourages Social Interaction 

Sensory play structures often cause “traffic jams” where all children can interact and become friends regardless of their abilities. 

Supports Cognitive Development 

Sensory play supports child development by stimulating critical thinking and problem-solving. 


Sensory play can be a game-changer to optimize childhood cognitive and emotional development. Sensory activities boost creativity, provide soothing experiences for autistic children, and encourage social interaction and inclusivity. 

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A Jammin’ Playgrounds custom sensory playground will immerse your children in a world of endless imagination as they explore, touch, smell, taste, hear, and see everything our unique playgrounds have to offer.  

Our thoughtfully crafted play spaces enhance their problem-solving abilities and improve communication skills as they interact with peers and discover their abilities through dynamic playtime experiences. 

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