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Playgrounds are an essential aspect of any community where friendships are built and memories made. They help kids develop motor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Do you build these essential community centers and are searching for “playground companies near me?” Jammin Playgrounds is an all-in-one store for playgrounds, shade structures, amenities, rubber surfacing, artificial turf, synthetic pine straw, etc. We are an online playground equipment outfitter. Besides helping you make the right purchasing decision, we offer installation services that you will find helpful. Give us a call so we can help you build the perfect playground area to fit your needs.

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At Jammin Playgrounds, we offer the best playgrounds on the market. Our play structures are long-lasting, durable, and of premium quality. Let your kid's imagination soar with these playsets. Crafted from the finest materials, these structures are quite safe for kids. A warranty supports each product, so you need not worry about the product quality.

Shade Structures

Shade structures act as a protective covering for playgrounds. These structures prevent playsets from sun exposure. On warm days, shade structures positioned near trees are relatively cool, providing relief from the heat. Our shades are of different sizes and styles. They are suitable for picnic spots, car wash areas, multi-purpose courts, among others. If you want to complement your shade, amenities are good fits.

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Other Services We Offer

Rubber Surfacing

We offer a range of options for rubber. Starting with EPDM where it comes in an array of different colors, or you can go with more of the natural look with Rubber Mulch PIP which is considered Poured in Place and not loose filled mulch, where you can see the three options of colors that we have to offer unless you would like custom.

Artificial Turf

We have our own product line that fulfills everything that has to with your future turf products like Playgrounds, Sports fields, Putt Putt, etc.. Sky is the limit. We also offer our other line of Dog Bark Dog Turf for your Pets needs also.

Rubber Trails

Rubber trails are great alternatives to concrete or asphalt because they reduce aches and pains in your joints usually caused by walking on hard surfaces. This material is also a Pour-In-Place project that is formulated by your choice of either the Rubber Mulch or EPDM. You can also choose to add borders to enhance the edges of your ideal rubber trail.


This Poured-In-Place granulated rubber surfacing provides a seamless and crack resistant alternative for areas such as playgrounds, fitness areas, pool decks and walking/running trails. Depending on the fall height requirements set out by the CPSC, the thickness can vary in every pour. With this product your creative thinking can come to life! You can choose your own logo or graphic design to enhance your new surfacing project.

Bonded Rubber Mulch

Choose between Loose Fill or Bonded Rubber Mulch. Each made from 100% recycled tire buffings where the only difference between the two is that the bonded mulch is mixed in a permanent polyurethane adhesive to stay in one specific area. Loose Fill Mulch can be moved if desired whereas the Bonded Mulch is a more permanent solution.

Loose Rubber mulch

Made out of 100% recycled tire buffings.
Choose Between: Loose or Bonded
Available in 3 different color schemes!

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Have you been searching for “playground companies near me?” Jammin Playgrounds is your best bet! We will ensure your kids enjoy their playtime. From playgrounds to synthetic pine straw, we have all you need for your play area. Contact us today in St. Cloud. If you need help with repairs or have questions concerning our playsets, we have customer support ready to assist you.


I used this woman owned business to build a playground behind my child watch place. The equipment was the best quality I have ever seen. It turned out better than I could ever imagine. The kids we’re absolutely ecstatic to see the gorgeous playground. The crew was so professional I couldn’t be happier.

Jenna Cortez

I absolutely love this company! They go above and beyond in the work they do. I wouldn’t want any other company handling my my playground needs. They make sure everything is child safe and protected. Not to mention the work comes out beautiful. They are very professional and all the equipment is great quality. Jammin playgrounds is the JAM!!!!

Shirley Rittenhouse

DON’T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE!!! Jammin Playgrounds will forever be my recommendation for rubber surfacing to artificial turf to all the amenities. The crew was professional, clean and mindful of the COVID pandemic precautions. Communication was on point from start to finish even with the follow up. Thank you Jammin Playgrounds we love our new playground!

Arthur Snyder

Jammin Playgrounds does beautiful work that will last for decades. They focus on safety for the children and quality work. The rubber they put around the playground equipment is exactly what every playground needs. They are efficient in their installing and very professional. I couldn’t recommend them more!!

Ashley Boggs

Wonderful company! They installed our social area at my work and did a superb job. I would recommend them for any of your outdoor amenity needs! Larry was very professional and does quality work!


Jammin Playgrounds are an amazing company to work with. They have installed playgrounds, shade structures, dog parks, and site amenities for our company. Never a complain from customers.

Maryann Britt

AWSOME work! They were very detailed when explaining everything that was going to be done. Im very happy to have worked with this company. I recommend them to anyone that wants beautiful, professional work done.

M & C

AWSOME work! They were very detailed when explaining everything that was going to be done. Im very happy to have worked with this company. I recommend them to anyone that wants beautiful, professional work done.

M & C

Best playground company I have ever worked with. Professional employees, quality work & great prices! Highly recommend!

Larry Schneider