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Neighborhoods with lots of families often ask us about planning a community playground area that is inclusive, safe, and fun for all. As industry specialists, the Jammin Playgrounds team knows the importance of creating an engaging, inspiring place where children can be physically active and make social connections.  

Our years of experience designing, building, and installing playgrounds in the region helped us master the art of selecting the ideal equipment to suit your neighborhood and goals. Read on for tips on planning your community playground. 

Playground Equipment Trends 

Current playground trends, especially for communities with smaller open areas, are compact playground solutions with durable playground structures. These are both space-saving and long-lasting to provide years of fun for children in your neighborhood. Child-safe playgrounds are also a top choice, as this investment meets safety standards and delights young ones. 

The Most-Loved Playground Equipment Features 

Some of the most common features on playgrounds around the country, according to, are slides, ladders, and swings. Yes, the classics from our childhoods are still quite popular!   

In addition to including the classics, organizers opt for customizable color schemes and allergy-friendly playground surfaces. Having many color options available helps you integrate the playground with its surroundings, resulting in a pleasing aesthetic for everyone.  

7 Tips for Building a Residential and Community Playground 


Include costs for materials, installation, and maintenance when choosing your equipment. 

Have a Vision for the Space 

Agree on how the play area will look before diving into the selection process. 

Plan a Timeline 

Planning and organization ensure a smooth installation and prevent unforeseen issues or costs. 

Scout a Location 

Find an easily accessible spot in the community with ample space for playground structures, benches, walking paths, or other planned features. 

Establish Goals 

What are the specific needs of your community? What are you hoping to achieve with this new installation? 

Take Inspiration from Other Playgrounds 

Have you or other members of your community visited a fantastic playground nearby? What were the standout features? Share ideas and customize something unique. 

Get Help from Experts 

Consult with a playground planning expert, like Jammin Playgrounds, to help bring your vision to life. 


Planning an amazing playground for your community is a smooth process when you research industry trends, prioritize safety, and have a well-thought-out plan. Consider the needs of everyone in the community to ensure a thriving, beloved play area cherished by all. 

Plan Your Playground with Orlando’s Premier Playset Resource 

Partner with Jammin Playgrounds for all your community playground needs! We specialize in affordable Orlando community playground equipment, sales, and installation. Professional installation services by our highly-skilled team offer peace of mind, knowing that your new playground is safe and child-friendly. 

We offer a wide variety of commercial playground equipment for any setting or need. Our flexible designs easily integrate to create the perfect play area for creative play and rigorous exercise. Whether it’s for daycares, churches, parks, schools, or communities, Jammin Playgrounds has the colorful, safety-certified equipment to charm the children in your neighborhood. 

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